A Log Mantel is a great compliment to an otherwise ordinary fireplace facing. Whether your facing is stone, brick, tile, or even mosaic, we can provide your fireplace with a rustic touch. Ranging in all shapes, sizes, and styles; a standard or custom log mantel will give your fireplace a bold and inviting look that you and your guests will enjoy for years to come. Please view the options below or contact us with your own unique mantel ideas!

Half Log Mantels

Our Half Log Fireplace Mantels are among the most popular choices for Log Home owners. They feature a round and robust log look that ties in well with the rest of a rustic country or log home environment. Standard and custom sizes are available with a variety of styles and finishes to fit your home’s style and décor.

Standard Lengths and widths: 4’ x 10” thru 10’ x 16” Available profiles: Natural; Milled; Timber; Character

half Log

Log Slab Mantels

Log Slab

Log Slab Fireplace Mantels are a great balance between rustic beauty and function. With rounded log fascia and a smooth, planed top, your log fireplace mantel will reveal heaps of depth in the character of its wood grain, as well as a healthy surface area to showcase all your country living accents.

Standard Lengths and widths: 4’ x 10” thru 10’ x 16” Available profiles: Natural; Milled; Character

Timber Mantels

If you’re looking to give your home a rustic presence with a refined, contemporary twist, then a Timber Fireplace Mantel is definitely something you’ll want to consider. This elegant mantel option gives you all the character of wood grain, but with the refined look of clean, square-cut lines in a solid wood timber. Upgrade to a custom Timber Fireplace surrounding for an even grader fireplace display.

Standard Lengths and widths: 4’ x 6” thru 10’ x 16” Available profiles: Natural Front; Milled; Character Front




Accent your Log or Timber Fireplace Mantel with matching supports—also known as Corbels. Mantel corbels come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can be incorporated into your fireplace mantel in a variety of ways. No matter your preference, our mantel corbels will add depth and character to any rustic log or timber fireplace mantel.

Shapes: Round Log or square timber Width:
Sized to match your mantle

*Pricing Subject to change without notice.  Contact Us for full quote.