Stairs & Railings

Log Stair Cases and Railings are an important addition to any log home. They provide a beautiful transition from one level to another, and can even serve as the focal point for any given room in your log home. Moreover, log staircases and railings need to be functionally durable as well (think of stairs and railings like a busy highways on a holiday weekend… they see a lot of traffic). For these reasons, your log stair case and railings not only needs to be pleasing to the eye, but it also needs to withstand the test of time.

Log Stairs

Our Straight-Run Log Stairs are expertly crafted and precision notched to ensure a consistent fit and finish every time. We offer a variety of styles and profiles, with precision-notched stringers to ensure easy and secure installation on the job site. No matter your design, style, or preference, we can provide you with a log stair case that is both beautiful and durable. Full Round Stringer, Half Log Tread Standard Size: 10” Stringer, 10” Tread; 10” S, 12” T; 12” S, 12” T Full Round Stringer, Round End Tread Standard Sizes: 10” Stringer, 10” Tread; 10” S, 12” T; 12” S, 12” T Half Round Stringer, Half Log Tread Standard Sizes: 10” – 12” Tread and Stringer combinations Timber Stringer, Timber Tread* Standard Sizes: 4" x 12" - 6" x 12" Stringer; 4" x 10" - 6" x 12" Tread Wood Species: Pine (exterior option for cedar) Profiles: Milled, Hewn, Rough Sawn*

Log Stairs

Log Railing

Rustic Log Railings are one of our specialties, and is a big part of how and why our company was started over 30 years ago—hence the name “Rustic Rails”! All of our log railing systems are designed to fit your home’s specifications, as well as your own personal preferences. We engineer all railings and spindles with mortise and tenon joinery for strength and durability, and offer a variety of styles and profiles to choose from.


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