Nothing about a log home will command your attention quite like the brawn and beauty of a decorative Log Truss. In many cases, log home trusses are some of the most massive displays of log and timber you’ll see anywhere—spanning grand gabled entryways on the outside or spacious vaulted ceilings on the inside. However, with all that mass also comes weight, which is why quality construction and precision joinery of any log or timber truss is vitally important…

Log Truss

With Log Trusses from Rustic Rails, you’ll know you’re getting a quality product the minute you see the precision notching that is used to join each log into one harmonious log truss structure. Very few manufactures can replicate what we like to call “zero tolerance” notching: a system where interconnecting logs are notched so tightly that they wrap around each other almost seamlessly, with zero voids for settling.


Timber Truss


Rustic Timber Frame trusses are another great option not only for log homes, but for conventional built homes as well. Much like our log trusses, these exposed timber framed trusses will give your home the kind of rustic appeal you demand. Available in a handful of configurations with external hardware and brackets.

Truss Brackets

Our Truss Brackets and Plates are not only functional and decorative, but they’re also the most economical way to join truss members. Commonly referred to as gusset plates, these decorative truss brackets are custom designed to fit both your truss and your personal style and preferences. Tell us what you want your log or timber truss to say about your home, and we’ll create custom truss brackets to do just that.

Bracket temp

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